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Newsletter Nov. 2013 - July 2014


                Body interventions and memory flows - see Miriam Mourad

2014 Europe in memory of 1914 - 1918 

Nelson Mandela


Graffiti in Athens in 2013-14




        reading the writing on the wall - graffiti - tagging of wall

The writing on the wall expresses a kind of perplexity: "why do I feel free only when doing this shit?" The exit from the crisis has yet to be found. At the same time, the Municipality of Athens wages a kind a war against all kinds of graffitis most of the time a simple tagging of walls. But it definitely says no exit from the crisis has been found as of yet.

Other events in Greece with consequences:


One can only wonder why no exit strategy has  worked until now? The graffiti seems to suggest one possible reason: people are chained to old communication technologies when in reality the world is changing so rapidly due to digital technology, that even travel by sea becomes an adventure since without compass. Kant would say this requires first of all coming to terms with one's means of understanding before setting out into an unknown world.


   We are making art!

                in an empty store in Athens 2013


European Capitals of Culture

Riga 2014

"Culture is that undeniable and irresistible force, which is able to direct changes into a positive stream, turning fear into a challenge and a venturous joy, and uncertainty – into trust in the creative spirit."

- key slogan of Riga for that decisive year.

For official information: http://riga2014.org/en/

Umeå 2014

Official website: http://www.umea2014.se/inenglish

Umea will also host the next conference of the University Network come October 2014.

Rückblende / Looking back – the former ECoC cities

Wandel im Ruhrgebiet - Betrachtungen von Ernst Käbisch

Legacy of Marseille and Kosice 2013

Marseille 2013

Official website: http://www.mp2013.fr/?lang=en

Further information:


Košice in 2013: http://www.kosice2013.sk/en/


San Sebastian and Wroclaw preparing for 2016

Valletta and Leeuwarden preparing for 2018

2018 Valletta

For Holland, there has been selected  Leeuwarden 2018

Italian city for 2019

In Italy there are 21 cities competing for the title for 2019. In the past, Florenz has been in 1986 and Bologna in 2000 European Capitals of Culture.

Greece –selection of the next ECoC for 2021

 Slowly various cities are declaring themselves to be potential candidates but much depends upon the outcome of pending municipal elections which coincide with the European election end of May 2014.


Ongoing Concern about Nuclear energy since Fukushima 11.March 2011


Reading / Indian Saga : Anjan Sen

The gaping flaming mouth of cosmic time
floats again and again
What will disappear into it?
The peace of the earth and the sky!

With the radiance of a thousand suns
Evolution flares up belief burns
Barriers mount upon the Vindhya vertically
Many kneeling Agasthyas stand halted

The inertia of the immobile one seeps into us
Apathy and unconcern harden into columns.

Original title 'Paath/ Bhaaratiya Gaathaa' ,Collected in "Paath /Bharatbarsha", 1981 ,Calcutta
Translated  from Bengali by : E.V.Ramakrishnan

Anjan Sen states that his poem "Reading / Indian Saga" is related to our present time, when terrorism is linked to ,violence and fear of nuclear exploitation'. The poem is based on a "sloka of Bhagbat Gita" which was recited by the scientist Oppenheimer when he called the nuclear bomb as being "brighter than a thousand sun". "The gaping flaming mouth of cosmic time" was seen and experienced for the first time when an atomic bomb was dropped first over Hiroshima and then over Nagasaki.  


European elections on May 25th 2014


Ethics in politics and philosophy - a soft reminder

An important contribution to the topic 'ethic and politics' was made at the philosophical conference held in Iraklion 2006 with Noam Chomsky, Agnes Heller, Martin Jay etc. Many of the abstracts provide important insights into what position can be taken up with regards to the question whether politics has to be / can be equal to ethics or if the two have to be separated?



Vicious Cycle Dance performance

1 - 2 February 2014


Created & Performed by: Paul Blackman, Christine Gouzelis, Aëla Labbé, Konstandina Efthimiadou, Aimilios Arapoglou

The dance performance was supported by Poiein kai Prattein

Kids' Guernica - Guernica Youth

Further materials have been added to both Kastelli 2006 and Chios 2007 when Kids' Guernica events were organized first by Poiein  kai Prattein in Greece.

Following the review by the DAVID Project Kids' Guernica has been awarded the "social literacy reviewed" reward. Initiated by Gertrude Spiteri and Paul Dalli in Malta, social literacy entails contributions to such socialization of children and youth that they are capable to protect themselves against all kinds and forms of violence, from child abuse to the invisible form of 'cyber bullying'.


Alexandra Zanne in Gezoncourt

Christa Kleinbub initiated Action at Helene Lange school in Mannheim, Germany. At the ame time, The Helene Lange school supports a Kids' Guernica action in Togo, Africa.

Kids' Guernica - Guernica youth related actions in Malta.

Ines Dulay Winkler undertook actions in Tübingen, Germany on 21st of September marked as 'World Peace Day'.

Hatto Fischer made a presentation about Kids' Guernica - Guernica Youth to the Chinese-Greek forum at the Benaki museum on 9th of Sept. 2013.

Kids' Guernica International reported as well about activities in Barcelona.

Activities are starting in Lebanon by Valia Mhaish with the aim to contribute to a peaceful evolvement of a society put under huge pressure by the Syrian conflict and the resulting tensions between different pro and con fractions.

Monique Kissel will initiate a new action in France. She had before done a mural together with her students while teaching at Saint Denis University in Paris.


A poem in need to be discussed / ein Gedicht das diskutiert werden soll

Poetic force fields


while in memory of 'Cultural Actions for Europe' (Athens 1994) and 'Myth of the City' (Crete 1995), the discussion with Brendan Kennelly needs to continue, in particular due to his epic poem 'JUDAS' touches upon so many important issues still today, such as 'the language of hatred' and the use of 'labels' to stem the flow and create instead a frenzy to replace rational politics. See

Cries of Anguish, Cries of Joy: the Poetry of Brendan Kennelly by Hatto Fischer 1994

And there is a connection between Brendan Kennelly and Satchi who has written equally about this topic of poetry and violence. Incredible is his poem written 20 years ago when he came for the first time to Delhi. When reading that poem, the reader can get lost in that vast city.

Lately Satchi has also voiced some very opinions on how the cultural dimension of the EU foreign policy could facilitate another way of staying in touch with writers and poets in India and elsewhere.


Conferences 2014

March 6 - 9 "Heritage First! Towards a common approach towards a sustainable Europe." This is another one of EU conference taking place during the Greek Presidency, but with no information or real invitation to make possible active participation:. See http://gr2014.eu/events/conferences-and-seminars/conference-heritage-first-towards-common-approach-sustainable-europe

March 20 - 23 "Little Data and the Big Picture: What Everday Literature Can Do for Comparison. A Seminar to be held at the Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association New York University. See http://www.acla.org/acla2014

April 8 - 10 Conference about "Discourse - Power - Resistance / Research and Practice: Exchange and Change" The conference shall take place at University of Greenwich, UK . More information at http://www.dprconference.com/

April 10th Mediterranean Creativity and Innovation: Transforming Regional Policy (10th April 2014 - Athens, Greece)CreativeMED project presents a smart specialisation model for creativity and innovation in the Mediterranean on 10th April 2014 in Athens.

May 9 - 10 The city at a time of crisis. See http://crisis-scape.net/conference or else Conference, Athens, May 9-10 2014

May 24 - 27. To Foreign Shores. Canadian Theater Makers abroad and at home. Canadian Association for Theatre Research. Conference organized at Brock University. For inquiries contact ymeerzon@uottawa.ca

May 28 - 30 International Conference on "Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories" in Coimbra, Portugal.

June 11 - 13 ICELW: Seventh International Conference on E-Learning at the Workplace. www.icelw.org

June 11 - 13 Scientific Committee meeting on Anti Bullying Network to be held in Athens during the EU Greek Presidency: Gertrude Spiteri

June 27 - 28 London Conference on Critical Thought at Goldsmith College

July 6 - 10 Conference on "Museum Work - Working for Museums" in Munich. Organized by Baverian State Office for Museums (Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern). www.museen-in.bayern.de/die-landesstelle/serviceangebote/fortbildungtagungen/emac-2014.htm

July 31 - August 3 The European Association of Social Anthropologists will hold its biennial conference in Tallinn, Estonia on the theme of "Collaboration, Intimacy & Revolution - innovation and continuity in an interconnected world." See http://www.easaonline.org/conferences/easa2014/index.shtml

September 4 - 5 International Conference on Cultural Relations in the Mediterranean in Valletta, Malta organized by V18 with Valletta the European Capital of Culture in 2018

September 9 - 12 "Museums and Politics" in St. Petersburg, http://www.museodata.com/noticias/convocatorias/2416-call-for-papers-museums-and-politics.html

September 9 - 12 in Hildesheim + 12-13 September 12 - 13 in Berlin. 8th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Hildesheim, Germany http://iccpr2014.de/welcome/

November 6 - 9, 2014 Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, CA The Fun and the Fury: New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain In the Post-American Century http://www.theasa.net/annual_meeting/page/submit_a_proposal/


Poiein kai Prattein - Publications 
Catalogue "Imperishable Water", 2012 with Haroula Hadjinicilou, Anna Arvanitaki, Hatto Fischer (ed.), Athens ISBN 978-618-80160-0-2
Hatto Fischer: The poem 'Destiny still flows' by Katerina Anghelaki Rooke - this concerns a discussion of the poem which inspired the action on Rhodes last year
"Nation and Identity" by Kreisau-Initiative, with introduction by Hatto Fischer is crucial for answering the question whether or not Patriotism is an alternative to Nationalism. Youth met first in Kreisau, Poland and were inspired by this example set by the Kreisau Circle which went into resistance against Hitler on the basis of a non discriminatory approach for the day after Hitler fell.
Article by Anna Arvanitaki and Haroula Hadjinicolaou, "Action on Rhodes" in Journal "Nissides" (small islands). Rhodos, Vol. 9, 2012
Poiein kai Prattein is member of the Mediterranean Directory organized by the 
René Seydoux Foundation
Mediterranean Directory

Cultural Calendar for 2014

January 27  International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Feb. 1 and 2 Vicious Cycle - Dance performance Paul Blackman + Christine Gouzelis

February 14 "Youth in Crisis" - photo exhibition by Pauliana Valente Pimentel at the Melina Cultural Center

March 21 International Poetry Day

July 2 - 6th World Congress of Dance Research, including Jadwiga Grabowscy

September 21 International Peace Day





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