Ποιειν Και Πραττειν - create and do


As to a brief history of this NGO, it should be said that poets, including the poetesss Katerina Anghelaki Rooke, gave the name. Poiein kai Prattein means 'create and do' and exists as non profit Urban Society since 2002; before that, the poets called themselves 'Touch Stone'.

Stepping stones towards this NGO were among other things:

all while pursueing interests of civil society striving towards good practice together with other NGOs and political authorities.


From Poetry to Cultural Actions for Europe to European Projects


Organization of Fifth Seminar, i.e. conference: ‘Cultural Actions for Europe’ with 135 participants from all over Europe. Contract: Flemish Government, Belgium with further support by the Ministry of Culture and Office for Tourism.

It was preceded by a poetry conference with 35 poets in Kamilari, Crete where they sounded out poetry to the topic “Poetry and Mythology”.

The singer Savinna Yannatou produced with the voices of the poeces cassette to the theme “the human voices in poetry” (see Beyond images/poetry).

As to major highlights, while Andre Loeckx spoke about fragmented cities, Louis Baeck enunciated the differences between the Mediterranean and Atlantic tradition for while the former incorporates economy into culture the latter upholds a seperation of the two and thereby neglects culture. Liana Sakelliou-Schultz expressed a new viewpoint about secularization insofar as she stated the state feels terrorized the moment culture begins to emancipate itself from the state. There were four plenary sessions and ten workshops linked to specific action fields:

1) The culture of international networking

2) Urban/Regional planning and culture

3) Transportation or the making of a new traffic culture

4) Dealing with unemployment or companies becoming learning organisations

5) Culture and economy with artists being hired to teach workers how to remain creative even under uncertain conditions

6) Civilization differs from culture as it involves institutions transmitting culture e.g. film, theatre, museums

7) Education and culture with Prof. Picht from College of Bruges working with Athenian students to bring about consensus as to educational needs

8) Language, literature, poetry impinge upon culture in both a direct and indirect way

9) Culture has to do with health, an example thereof being art therapy

10) European Capitals of Culture exemplified with Eric Antonis, artistic director of Antwerp '93 and Bart Verschaffel, coordinator of literature of Antwerp '93 leading the crucial discussion on how to evaluate this success story started by Melina Mercouri in 1983 with Athens first European Capital of Culture in 1985

Out of this followed the ten-finger concept for research and policy folder to link culture with special fields like transportation.

The Fifth Seminar adopted recommendations put forward by Alecos Alavanos with regards to the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

It concluded with a panel discussion about cultural actions needed for the Middle East in the presence of ambassador from Israel, David Sasson along with Louis Baeck and Alecos Alavanos. Louis Baeck said that Israel should not request military help but ask from Europe for scholars who can show the way on how to understand and appreciate the Arabic culture.


Research co-operation in the European Projects ARTICULATE and LOGOS and this jointly with Thanos Contargyris, DIALOGOS.

ARTICULATE deals with evaluations of European Projects while LOGOS developed out of the key concept of cultural adaptation ideas on how to market products in a cultural diverse Europe made up of different languages and values.

Poets and Planners with bishop of Kissamos 1995

By organizing a traveling conference throughout Crete (Iraklion, Kamilari, Chania, Kissamos and Malia) around the “Myth of the City” 15 poets and 15 planners discussed living conditions in cities to emphasize the need for untouched spaces (Paula Meehan), to consider the merging of rural and urban land as becoming 'rururb-land' (Brendan Kennelly), while there is the destruction of Sarajevo to be considered as negative example (Nikos Stavrolakis) with many more discussions about urban development, waste management and sustainability issues as well as what glance the urban environment in Paris means in reality (Bart Verschaffel). Poets like Katerina Anghelaki Rooke, Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan, Brendan Kennelly, Baptiste Marray, Liana Sakelliou Schultz, Sofia Yannatou, Bruno Kartheuser, Pedro Mateo, and others voiced their poetic appreciation of life in contrast to architects like Juergen Eckhardt, regional / urban planners such as Phil Cooke, Anna Arvanitaki, Pavlos Delladetsima, and development experts like Socrates Kabouropoulos, in order to see if both cultural and technical viewpoints can be brought together outside specialization.


Workshop in Kamilari, Crete: Planning and Culture while preparing for the Article 10 ERDF Project CIED. Juergen Eckhardt and his architectural office in Berlin designed at the same time a conference centre for Kamilari.


Start of CIED: Article 10 – ERDF European project (Jan. 1997 – April 1999) with Volos, Greece as project leader and the cities Cardiff, UK; Galway, Ireland; Palermo, Italy and Leipzig, Germany as partners. Budget was 610 000 Euros with outcome ‘Good Practice Manual’ based on Political Declarations (Palermo April 1999) and the Volos Report: Framework Conditions for Planning Practice and Good Practice Manual


From Nomos and Physis to Athens of Today’ – train exhibition organized with ‘Artists without Frontiers’ and Spyros Mercouris. The train went throughout Greece and stopped along the way at different locations. Hatto Fischer developed and realized for one wagon the theme "from NOMOS and PHYSIS in Ancient Greece to modern Athens". The concept was based on Robert Payne's "Ancient Greece" and followed the path taken by both poetry and philosophy since Ancient Times to the present.

Start of the European project LORE within TERRA– towards local observatories for regional development and environmental protection.

Organised in Thessaloniki, European Capital of Culture a seminar with Spyros Mercouris on the theme: ‘Vision and Experiences’.


Organization of the Photo exhibition OSMOSIS together with Alecos Alavanos in the European Parliament, Strasbourg; then in Weimar as Cultural Capital City, and in June at the EU CIED conference in Leipzig. Photographers were asked to look outside their own cultural domain and to look into the cultures of the others with prime focus on Greece.

Organisation of the EU CIED conference in Leipzig with the Palermo Declaration being complemented by the Leipzig Action Plan.

Successful application of the EU project REINVENT within the CONNECT program initiated by the DG Culture and Education with artists becoming indicators as to what is happening in urban spaces.


Work for the Cultural Committee of the European Parliament with focus on priorities for culture within the European Union.

Together with Spyros Mercouris, 5th of May as ‘Day of Culture’.

GO ON: start of the study group for an Internet Radio / TV GO ON in conjunction with research on the same topic for the GREENS of the European Parliament.

Support of the research work done under the guidance of Jesse Marsh, Atelier. The study was prepared for STOA of the European Parliament on the topic ‘Information Society and Cultural Diversity


Start of the work on the GO ON Internet Radio / TV concept to support the European Debate and provide information about Europe to citizens wishing to shape the European agenda.

Part of civil society in dialogue with the European Convention in preparation of the EU Constitutional Treaty and the place of culture within the European Union. This work was done together with Frederique Chabaud, coordinator of EFAH (European Foundation for the Arts and Heritage with seat in Brussels).

History of Poiein kai Prattein


In December founding of POIEIN KAI PRATTEIN in Athens, Greece Dec. 2002


Advisory work for Prefecture of Athens to European Project: CORONAS – Metropolitan Governance (approved 2003)

Examining ways to support the Greek Community in Alexandria

2003 - 2007

European Projects


Bringing together poets and poems in ten books about Olympic Truce: Poetry Connection: Poets and the Olympic Truce 2004



Start of Kids' Guernica

Together with PEACE WAVES organised Youth Festival in Torino to help prepare for Monitoring of Olympic Truce during Winter Olympic Games to be held in Torino 2006, and there experienced for the first time a Kids' Guernica mural being painted by an international group of youth, including Jad Salman from Palestine.

Poiein Kai Prattein under guidance of Thomas Economacos and Hatto Fischer let children paint a peace mural with the title "The War is over" and then brought by Thomas Economacos and Maya Fischer to the International Kids' Guernica 10th anniversary festival held in August in Ubud, Bali.

Organisation of the workshop on museums within the HERMES Project in Volos, Greece with special guest Carol Becker from the Chicago Art Institute.

Participation in a conference organised by the DELPHE group in Strasbourg about why development projects usually fail in the Third World. Key essay on this see The faint sound of the world drum by Hatto Fischer under section 'International'.  A key focus of the conference was on the AIDS epidemic.


Advisory work for Iraklion, Prefecture of Iraklion and Kastelli with regards to the RED CODE Project on Civil Protection.

Jointly with www.heritageradio.net of the Hermes project and Spyros Mercouris, curator of the exhibition "Twenty years of European Capitals of Culture" creation of an online exhibition to set the premise for an archive of the history of European Capitals of Culture. The journalists made interviews of key actors and heritageradio created the online journal: "Europe under construction". The exhibition was shown in Patras 2006 for the first time and supported by volunteer work of students of the Technical University.

Participation in Conference in Warszawa, Poland on the role of NGOs in local development.

Work with Spyros Mercouris and the Network of European Cultural Capital Cities to prepare the next General Assembly of the ECCM Network in Patras. In conjunction with the exhibition "Twenty years of European Capitals of Culture" curated by Spyros Mercouris, there was developed together with heritageradio network an online exhibition of "Twenty Years of History of Cultural Capital Cities of Europe". It was done in collaboration with students of Prof. Haritantis of the Technical University of Patras. The archive work of the history of European Capitals of Culture is an ongoing process.

Kids' Guernica exhibition in Kastelli, Crete

' Guernica Exhibition in Kastelli, Crete

Facilitation of SISMA conferences in Santorini and in Chios.

Civil Protection Exercise in the framework of the SISMA Project in Nafplion and Athens.

In August there was organised the HERMES Summer School in Volos: Challenges for Museums in the 21st Century

In September there took place the final Conference of the HERMES Project in Weimar, Germany.


Organisation with Spyros Mercouris and the ECCM Network the General Assembly of the Network in Brussels, January 27th and preparation for the final meeting in Sibiu, Sept. 2007

Final Conference of SISMA in Perugia, Italy, March 23 - 25 www.sismaproject.eu

Kids' Guernica exhibition in Chios, May 4th - 7th

and further action in Izmir, Turkey at the end of September in order to complete the mural Chios-Izmir as sign of an intercultural dialogue to replace Delacroix's "Slaughter of Chios".

ECCM Symposium 'Productivity of Culture' and Kids' Guernica exhibition

in Athens, October 18th - 21st at the Zappeion Megaron www.productivityofculture.org


Kids' Guernica - Guernica Youth actions took place in:

Two Studies within HERMES: 1) 'cultural planning', specifically about cultural planning in the digital age and 2) 'role of multi media in museums' for the City of Volos.


Work for the European Commission as independent expert with regards to Cultural Cooperation Projects.

Poetry Connection: This time Athens was linked to Berlin where 'Printemps des Poetes' wasorganised by Catherina Launay along with such special actions as by Ariadne Ghabel who let ten actors read the poem 'Promise' at Savignyplatz in Berlin on March 14 - 15. In a special program of 'Athens for real' of FM 104,4 of the Municipal Radio station and moderated by Alexia Amvrazi focused on this March 11th. Alexia Amvrazi read the poem 'promise' while Katerina Anghelaki Rooke and Hatto Fischer read their respective poems 'Transcriptions of a night mare' and 'Caves of truth'.

Organisation of Poetry Reading at Booze Cooperativa with 'open microphone' on 22.3.09 for Day of Poetry March 21

Guernica Youth actions:



Editorial work on the publication of the ECCM symposium "Productivity of Culture" together with Spyros Mercouris. See www.productivityofculture.org

Archiv work of materials gathered during the 1995 "Myth of the City" Conference in Crete and preparation for a re-visit 15 years later with the theme being "the quality of cities - the quality of spaces".

Hatto Fischer attends the conference "25 years later" to celebrate the European Capital of Culture project in Brussels.

Poiein kai Prattein attends the June meeting of the Platform for Intercultural Europe in Brussels.

Together with Katerina Anghelaki Rooke and Dostena Laverge conceptual work on an ecological and literary park on Aegina, at the core of which shall be a poetry and translation centre.

Kids' Guernica exhibition opening in Vincennes, 11.Oct. 2010 with Monique Kissel of the University of Saint Denis in Paris.

Anna Arvanitaki and Hatto Fischer attend the conference "Inclusion through education and culture" organised by the University Network of European Capitals of Culture in Pecs, 14 - 15 Oct. 2010

10. November Guernica Youth Exhibition Opening in Gent, Belgium in collaboration with the Police of Gent

12. November Guernica Youth Exhibition Opening in Gezoncourt, France: Alexandra Zanne and theme of the mural "The other: enemy or friend?"



Feb. 15 - 16 'Culture in Motion' EU conference about future cultural programs. Attended on behalf of ECoC candidate city Wroclaw 2016

Feb. 18 "Kids' Guernica and European Capitals of Culture: the cultural dimension of peace" conference in Gent, Belgium in collaboration with the University of Gent: Bart Verschaffel, the City of Gent and the Belgium Ministry for Culture and Education.

March 2 - Public consultation of ECoC in Brussels

March 21 - World Day of Poetry with Alexia Amvrasi at FM 104,4 the Municipal Radio Station of Athens

May 16 - 17 Discussion in Berlin: "European Capitals of Culture and the Sustainability Question" organised by Poiein kai Prattein and cultura 21 with Oleg Koefoed

May 24 - 25 Platform for Intercultural Europe - General Assembly in Brussels

May 27 Guernica Youth action in Candidate ECoC city San Sebastian 2016

May 28 - June 5 - Cultural action on Rhodes under the theme of 'imperishable water' or

«τ' άφθαρτα νερά* και η προβληματική της ανάπτυξης»

July 15 - 17 Guernica Youth at the Youth Festival in Tuebingen, Germany. See also the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=397l5joHbGs

July 22 - the bombing and shooting in Oslo leaves especially children and youth in shock, see response by Kids' Guernica

Sept. 8 International Literarcy Day - this important criterion can be a partial answer to 'poverty of experience' but it still holds that few people are taught to read and to decode images and symbols used by media in the digital age. As a matter of fact, the literarcy gap remains as a major obstacle in all developments towards democracy. It is said that 780 million of the world's adults (nearly two thirds of them women) do not know how to read and write, while 94 to 115 million children lack access to education.

Sept.8 - 11 Cultural Congress to be held in Wroclaw, during the Polish EU Presidency:,http://www.culturecongress.eu/en

Sept.23 - 25  in Germany (near OIdenburg), the Cultura 21 Forum, will be hosted by the ecological artist Insa Winkler, and will include several workshops and talks, including Shelly Sacks and Hildegard Kurt with the "University of the Trees". More information can be obtained at

www.cultura21.net (online registration required!)

Sept. 24 World Poetry Movement Day www.wpm2011.org

Oct. 5 - 7  World Summit on Arts and Culture in Melbourne, Australia:  www.artsummit.org

Oct. 13 Dance innovation with Ingrid Kristensen: "præmiere på El eco del Carlito på Fyns Kunstmuseum samt det tredje innovationsrådsmøde."


Oct. 20 - 21 Cultural Forum organised by the European Commission in Brussels. For more information see http://culture-forum-2011.ec.europa.eu/index.jsp

October 27- 28  The 5th General Assembly of University Network of European Capitals of Culture in Antwerp will be hosted by Lessius University College and title of the conference is "‘Culture in/and Crisis’. See: www.uneecc.org


Publication of 'Imperishable Water' - stepping into the biotope of ideas. Action on Rhodes.

In cooperation with Initiative Kreisau EU Youth project: Nation and Identity 2012



Hatto Fischer in Valletta, Malta at conference Towards a strategy for Literary Exchange and Translation in the Euro-­Mediterranean Region in Malta 4 - 7 April 2013

Small City / Big Dream 2013 Inauguration of Valletta upon receiving the designation of the ECoC title for 2018, and participation in evaluation meeting.

Evaluation of Cultural Spaces - Research proposals for Valletta 2018

Poetry Reading organised by Paul Dalli and Hatto Fischer: The tune of verses, Marsaxlook, Malta 2013



Support (conceptual/financial management) of dancers Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman for their own choreographed performance Feb. 1 /2 "Vicious cycle" - dance performance

Poetry Reading: In Search for Peace, Marsaxlook, Malta 7.Sept. 2014

Conference Europe and Mediterranean, Valletta Sept. 4 and 5, 2014 with presentation of How Europe is connected through Culture - Hatto Fischer


May 14: Poetry Workshop: the Bridge Olawski - Hatto Fischer

Support of Spyros Mercouris who organised 30 Years since the Inauguration of the ECoCs, 22 an 23 June 2015 

Symposium "The need of a constructive dialogue", 1 -7 Sept. 2015 and organisation of Guernica Youth exhibition in Olympia Sept. 2 - 6, 2015

Mapping Culture II: Debating Cultural Spaces and Places in Valletta, Malta Oct 2015  with Hatto Fischer moderator for parallel session 1 / rapporteur for parallel session 6


In preparation: Reader about Greece. Yiorgos Choul and Hatto Fischer (editors) with others, including Socrates Kabouropoulos, Anna Arvanitaki, Alexandra Theoropolou, Stamatis Polenak. Publisher: Hemant Divante, paperwall in Mumbai, India

Start of a Guernica Youth Action for children and youth of refugees / guests in Berlin - ICC looked after by the Maltese organisation.


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